New Footage of Elusive Okapi Recorded

Earlier this year, members of the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) team ventured into the deep forests of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their goal was to set up new camera traps to determine the presence of certain species, particularly the majestic okapi, one of the most elusive animals on Earth.


It’s very rare for okapi to be seen in the wild—they are often solitary animals, and flee at the first sign of humans. Camera traps are often the only way for OCP to record the presence of these highly endangered animals within the Reserve. Fortunately, their latest expedition yielded some fantastic footage of okapi, as well as other remarkable wildlife, roaming the Reserve.

These latest sightings signify that the Reserve is a safe, well-maintained environment for okapi, and OCP will continue to work hard with local communities and authorities to keep it that way. Read more about their survey and see more footage of rare wildlife, including forest elephants, bongos, and African golden cats in their blog post.

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