About Earth News Report

Welcome to Earth News Report,

Where the Universe comes for its news about the Planet Earth. Those of you outside of our planet  and on our  planet will need news about Earth:Its inhabitants, its social and political structure, and more importantly its health.

For Earth’s inhabitants, Earth News Report is an online source of news.  The paradigm in which we view the world is without borders it is of lands and seas in which different species Humans and non-humans co-exist together on a planet of finite capability.

Our PlanetEarth

In our paradigm, Earth is home,  for us Humans, our co-inhabitants the animals, bugs, bacteria, and if our planet fails-we all die. The good news is that Human Beings aka Homo Sapiens have the intellectual capability to create circumstances in which the planet thrives for all kind.

Co-existent with that reality is that we, Homo Sapiens are not alone on this planet. We co-exist with other species  (non-humans) over which Humankind has the power to let live or die. Fortunately, we have come to realize that animals and insects play an integral part in our world.

There are fundamental realities that go along with our Homo Sapiens existence and that is the need for clean air to breath, sustainable nutrients to nourish our body, and living space to live so that all can enjoy our existence.

Earth News Report will convey the news and information through that prism. News on issues that generally affect all species and is helpful to humans to make better decisions regarding our planet.

Our Mission is to report on the issues that affect, determine and shape our Earth.

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