Announcing the AI Innovation Awards winners at Transform 2019

To cap off two days of AI panels, discussions, fireside chats, and networking at Transform 2019, VentureBeat presented the AI Innovation Awards. These awards honor emergent, compelling, and influential work in AI drawn from our daily editorial coverage. We take pride in shining a light on innovation through that coverage, but the VentureBeat AI Innovation Awards, presented by Ople, give us a chance to do so in a new way.

“Ople’s mission is to make AI ubiquitous,” said Ople founder and CEO Pedro Alves. “We want everyone in every business to harness the power of AI and get more from the data. In order to achieve our mission, it’s important to acknowledge other innovators in the field to learn from each other to build a stronger community and a better world. That’s why we wanted to participate in AI Innovation Awards; to congratulate and bring awareness to fellow AI innovators.”

The awards are in the categories of NLP/NLU, Computer Vision, Business Application, Startup Spotlight, and AI for Good. There were four nominees in each of the five categories, encompassing truly superb intelligence, innovation, and achievement. In each category, we’ve declared a winner.

The winners are…

NLP/NLU Innovation: Corti

Computer Vision Innovation:

Business Application: Bossa Nova

Startup Spotlight: Xnor

AI for Good: Joy Buolamwini, Timnit Gebru, and Inioluwa Raji

We congratulate these winners, and all the nominees, for their important contributions to the field of AI!