WCN Recognized as a Top Wildlife Conservation Organization

Wildlife Conservation Network was recently featured as a top wildlife conservation organization by several prominent groups dedicated to recognizing impactful nonprofits and advancing conservation and environmental protections.

Nonprofit Point, whose mission is to help promote trusted and effective nonprofits so that they can make the highest possible impact, included WCN on their list of best wildlife charities to support; their list is an impressive collection of conservation organizations that recognize the importance that conservation has not just for wildlife, but for human populations and the overall health of our planet. We are honored and grateful to be acknowledged by such a thoughtful organization like Nonprofit Point, and to be included on their top list of worthy wildlife nonprofits.

One Earth, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring collective action to solve Earth’s climate crisis through philanthropy, has also featured several notable projects from within our Network on their list of some of the most noteworthy conservation projects saving wildlife around the world. Our support of Snow Leopard Conservancy’s work in Central Asia and the Rhino Recovery Fund’s efforts to protect Sumatran rhinos in Indonesia was highlighted on their list of impactful conservation projects. One Earth has been a longtime supporter of WCN’s mission, so we are very humbled by their inclusion of the incredible work of those in our Network on their list.

For over 20 years, WCN’s mission has been to protect endangered wildlife by supporting conservationists who ensure that wildlife and people can coexist and thrive. We will continue this important investment in effective conservation work across the globe with the support of generous donors and fellow charitable groups.

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