MarAlliance’s Dr. Rachel Graham Featured on NPR

Recently, Dr. Rachel Graham, Founder and Executive Director of MarAlliance, was interviewed on NPR’s Short Wave podcast. During the interview, Dr. Graham discusses what makes the manta ray such a unique example of marine wildlife, as well as how they have become such an endangered species.

Dr. Rachel Graham

Manta rays can grow up to 23 feet wide, and are known for their graceful flight throughout the Earth’s oceans. They are a long-lived ray species that must be self-sustaining and adaptable to survive, and are known to be very intelligent, even capable to recognizing themselves in a reflection. Manta rays are very social animals that leave a lasting impression on all people who encounter them, making their conservation all the more important. Like many shark and ray species, overfishing has put their survival in jeopardy.

A manta ray in the ocean.

This podcast is a great, bite-sized opportunity to learn about manta rays. To listen to the full NPR interview with Dr. Rachel Graham about manta rays, click here.

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