WCN Joins Dr. Jane Goodall on KQED’s Forum

Jean-Gaël “JG” Collomb, CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Network, appeared on KQED’s Forum today alongside Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, and Jeneria Lekilelei, Ewaso Lions’ Community Conservation Director, to discuss conservation and the importance of inspiring hope as we protect our planet’s wildlife.

Dr. Goodall reflected on her incredible career as a trailblazer in great ape research and reminded listeners that every one of us has the capacity to make a positive impact for nature, whether it’s by supporting conservation groups working around the world to safeguard endangered species and their habitats, changing the way we eat and shop, or volunteering at local environmental initiatives.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Dr. Jane Goodall

JG dived into the many ways that WCN is helping support a global network of conservation organizations not just to help recover wildlife, but to improve the lives of the local communities who live alongside these animals and are integral to their conservation. In particular, he discussed how unrestricted funding is so important to conservationists so that they can easily adapt their programs and infrastructure to meet the ever-changing needs inherent in the diverse landscapes in which they operate. JG also touched upon the many ways that supporting conservationists doesn’t just create hope for the future of various species, it renews hope in the conservationists themselves and brings benefits related to women’s empowerment, children’s education, economic opportunities, and helps fight climate change.

Jean-Gael "JG" Collomb and Mina Kim at KQED Forum
JG Collomb and Mina Kim, host of KQED’s Forum

And to round out this episode’s guests, Jeneria provided some insight into how Ewaso Lions is fostering coexistence between local communities and lions in Kenya’s Samburu region. Jeneria will appear with Dr. Shivani Bhalla, Ewaso Lions’ Founder and Executive Director, at the Wildlife Conservation Expo’s Wild Night Out next month to further explain how Ewaso Lions is making it possible for people in Samburu to not only live peacefully with lions, but to have a leading role in their protection.

Jeneria Lekilelei (right) in Samburu.

Listen to the entire Forum episode to hear how JG Collomb and Dr. Goodall are supporting the future of conservation around the world, and join us at Expo’s Wild Night Out this October 13 in San Francisco, where you’ll have the chance to meet Jeneria and many other amazing conservationists in person.

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