Celebrate Memorial Day with 10 software deals you can’t afford to miss

The way that 2020 has been going makes it feel like it should be about over by now. However, it’s only Memorial Day (if you can believe that) and VB Deals has some of the best savings on apps and software to pull you out of your self-isolation funk. From digital painting to language learning to real estate analysis, these deals guaranteed to fight the quarantine boredom.

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JumpStory™ Authentic Stock Photography: Lifetime Membership

Take your presentation game to the next level with JumpStory. JumpStory has more 25 million unique images, illustrations, vector icons, and even videos to make your next project as beautiful as you envisioned. These elements are fully customizable within the Image Editor, allowing you to make the most of whichever images you choose. JumpStory also includes state-of-the-art AI features such as one-click background removal and Highjumper, a tool which can predict the impacts of certain images on your customer base. If you need an image, JumpStory has you covered. Get your lifetime membership today for just $80.

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Flame Painter 4: Lifetime Subscription

If you’re a digital artist who has been particularly stricken by the pandemic, there are few more cost-efficient options than Flame Painter 4. Flame Painter brings the joy of digital art to anyone with a modern Mac or Windows machine and includes groundbreaking Particle Systems to open a whole new world of computer artistry. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already an experienced digital painter, you will be blown away by the customization options and organic multi-brushes, allowing variety in a single stroke without having to redraw individual elements. A lifetime subscription to Flame Painter 4 is currently on sale for only $15, nearly 85 percent off of its original price.

ITG.digital Online Illustrations Builder Pro: Lifetime Subscription

Do you need professional illustrations but have little to no design knowledge of your own? Not to worry, ITG has your back. ITG is an illustration builder that allows you to tell whatever story you need with over 1,000 customizable predefined illustrations. These eye-catching, modern illustrations can be saved in JPEG, PNG, or SVG format and have virtually unlimited use cases. Right now, a lifetime subscription to ITG will only run you $24, hundreds of dollars off list price.

LingvaNex Translator: Lifetime Subscription (Desktop and Mobile Bundle)

LingvaNex is a fantastic translation and dictionary app that can instantly translate text, voice, images, websites, and documents in more than 112 languages. With the desktop and mobile bundle, gain lifetime access to a versatile translation platform that works on almost any device (iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows). If you are currently locked down abroad or just want to brush up on your foreign language skills, you can’t go wrong with LingvaNex. LingvaNex is currently on sale for just $64, hundreds of dollars off retail price.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries®: 1-Yr Subscription

Let’s face it: books can be boring. Business books even more so. With Soundview Executive Book Summaries, you no longer have to waste your time sifting through the rough just to find a few diamonds. Soundview finds the 1,200+ business books published each year and extracts the best ideas so you can spend your time more productively. Soundview works with leading publishers and authors to bring you the best concepts and trends through quick-read/quick-listen summaries, with seven new assets (be they summaries, webinars, or newsletters) each month. A one-year subscription to Soundview is on sale right now for over half off at just $40.

WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Web Plan: 5-Yr Subscription

Proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are all things that fall by the wayside in the age of texting and email shorthand. However, these elements of language are crucial to being taken seriously by a professor, employer, or potential employer. If you’re unsure of your grammatical prowess, check out WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker. WhiteSmoke detects and corrects errors in grammar, identifies incorrect stylistic patterns, and even translates texts in over 50 languages. A 5-year subscription to WhiteSmoke will currently run you just $32, more than 90 percent off.

Beelinguapp Language Learning App: Lifetime Subscription

If you’re like millions of others itching to travel again, there is no better way to scratch that wanderlust itch by immersing yourself in a new language. With Beelinguapp, dive into one of 14 languages by reading translated texts from your target language side-by-side with the original, all the while the original is read aloud so you can practice your pronunciation with the Karaoke Reading feature. Pick from Spanish, German, Korean, and more and start sounding like a native speaker by the time we can start taking international flights again. A lifetime subscription to Beelinguapp is currently just $32.

Ludwig Sentence Search Engine: Lifetime Subscription

Now you almost certainly know what a search engine is, but a sentence search engine? Simply type your sentence into Ludwig and it will scour the web for similar examples from reputable sources, in context, that show you just how much better your sentence can be. In addition, Ludwig comes with a word finder feature which allows you to find the word you’re looking for by placing an asterisk. Check out the video below to see these great features in action. A lifetime subscription to Ludwig is currently $95, a whopping 84 percent off list price.

Mashvisor Professional Plan: Lifetime Subscription

As most international and domestic travel has halted or at least dwindled in the past few months, real estate investment opportunities for when the pandemic passes are through the roof. Mashvisor is your one-stop shop for finding the most lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties in just minutes. Mashvisor does the research on property returns and rental market performance so you don’t have to. Simply log in and instantly get an overview of investment opportunities in any city of your choosing. A lifetime subscription to Mashvisor’s Professional Plan is currently on sale for an even lower price of $63.

Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages)

If you’ve been struggling with learning a new language, it’s time to try Mondly. Mondly takes a conversation-based approach using state-of-the-art speech recognition and a roster of professional voice actors. Learn up to 33 languages including Spanish, French, German, and Chinese by speaking with the app and receiving positive feedback only when your pronunciation is correct. Mondly even has augmented reality (AR) features like a virtual teacher to help guide you through lessons and process your responses in real time. There is no better time to start learning a new language. A lifetime subscription to Mondly is on sale right now for $80.

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