Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunt event is live

Developer Respawn Entertainment is about to reveal more details about the Apex Legends: Season Two. But the studio isn’t going to make you wait for everything. The Legendary Hunt event is live now in the battle royale shooter. This brings a new way to get into matches as well as fresh rewards and bonus XP.

Legendary Hunt runs today, June 4, through July 2. As part of the event, you can unlock a select queue by finishing in the top 5 of a standard match. In this elite mode, you will face off against only other Top 5 finishers. So it’s like Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions, but with less Alex Trebek … or maybe more. Who knows how much Apex Legends he plays.

Once in the the Legendary Hunt, you have a chance to earn some of the themed loot. This includes a new badge that show you are a participant in the most dangerous game. You can also get some rare and legendary weapon skins. If you own the Battle Pass, you’ll have a chance to even unlock an additional weapon skin as well as a legendary skin for Wraith.

Bonus XP

Respawn is also working to keep players engaged as we approach E3. And it’s offering up a chance to earn more XP from June 4 through June 18 if you own the Battle Pass. On top of that, you can earn an entire Battle Pass level once per day by finishing in the top 5.

Beyond the Battle Pass bonus, the studio is also planning a double XP weekend starting this Friday, June 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. You will get double XP for everything until 10 a.m. Pacific time on Monday.

Season Two

This event could lead right into Season Two for Apex Legends. At 10 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday, June 8, Respawn will broadcast a half-hour livestream about the future of the game from EA Play. The developer has already promised to offer up more rewards and to ensure faster progression this time around, and you should expect to learn what that looks like.

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