Snap dogpiles on original programming glut with snack-sized Originals

With political chaos raging across the globe and an environmental cataclysm just over the horizon, the greatest minds in the technology industry have naturally marshalled their brainpower in an all-out effort to get you to watch more TV.

The latest entrant into the Great Battle To Create Unlimited Original Content is of course Snap. Because why not? The company has today announced the launch of Snap Originals which it describes as “exclusive shows created by some of the world’s greatest storytellers, with new episodes released every day!”

Among the world-renowned storytellers who will be inflicting this content on you are the Duplass Brothers and the “minds” who make Riverdale, and THE CREATORS OF KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS!!.

Here is a tasty morsel of this apocalyptic vision in the form of a trailer:

Of course, Snap is betting it can extend its users’ attention spans long enough to get them to watch each five-minute episode. In fact, over the past few years it has already been working with partners such as NBC News on various types of audience-expanding shows.

What’s in it for content creators? Snap remains the most popular app among teens. And what programming executive wouldn’t sell their soul to reach that demographic? So Snap has produced a wildly diverse range of programming for all ages under the age of 22 years:

  • Endless Summer, in which “influencers Summer McKeen and Dylan Jordan try to balance love, friends, family, and fame in this intimate snapshot of their lives in Laguna Beach, California.”
  • Class of Lies, in which “best friends-slash-college roommates Devon and Missy crack cold cases on their successful true-crime podcast.”
  • Co-Ed, in which “juggling classes, parties, and down-the-hall crushes, freshman roommates Ginny and Chris try their best to face whatever college throws at them, discovering who they are along the way.”
  • Vivian, which is about “the youngest model scout at Wilhelmina, one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world.”

It’s unclear how much Snap is investing in this effort. But everyone from Amazon to Apple to Facebook to Facebook’s Instagram IGTV are investing heavily in original content. And all these players are still staring up the mountaintop where sits Netflix, a company that has vowed to spend 800 gazillion bucks every year on original content.

With last-mile delivery finally taking off, and online medical and educational services available, the lack of original programming is really the final piece we need to realize the dream of never having to leave our homes again. Today, Snap has brought that dream one step closer.

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