Providing Hope in the Face of Australia’s Fires

The bushfire crisis taking place in Australia has been devastating to people, wildlife, and their habitat. If you, like us, are driven to help, please consider supporting the following Australian organizations, each providing hope in this time of need.

Source: Australia Wildfire Fund

This crisis will require both short term and long-term responses, which we’ve categorized into the three steps below:

  1. Emergency Care – Native animals currently at risk of harm need to be placed with the appropriate facilities and expert care for treatment, rehabilitation, and preparation to return to the wild after the fires subside.
  2. Assess the Damage – To understand the impact on wildlife and habitat, and most efficiently determine where recovery efforts are most needed, the following organizations will be monitoring the damage, reassessing species status, and preparing appropriate responses.
  3. Long-term Recovery – When the current fires subside, the following organizations will continue to revive and sustain populations of wildlife in affected areas, and increase the consciousness of people to reverse the rapid decline of the world’s flora and fauna.

For those of you from the USA looking to support with a tax deductible donation, our colleagues at Earth Alliance have also launched the Australia Wildfire Fund, with a $3 million USD commitment. The Fund will support actions on the ground implemented through Aussie Ark, Bush Heritage and WIRES Wildlife Rescue.

We send our best wishes and support to all of those impacted by these fires, and hope that this will motivate individuals across the world to get more involved in conservation efforts.

Photo by Saeed Khan
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