This Hollywood Director Wishes Putin Was the Godfather to His Daughter

Few Hollywood liberals love thug strongmen as much as Oliver Stone. The conspiracy-loving director even wants one in the family. The Daily Mail on Sunday described the “bizarre” request Stone had for Vladimir Putin during an interview: To be the godfather to his daughter. 

In a transcript released by the Kremlin, Putin explained: 

‘According to Russian Orthodox tradition, you can’t refuse such a request.’

‘Oh, you cannot refuse it? I thought it was a big honor for you to be the godfather of his daughter,’ Stone replies, adding: ‘Otherwise I would ask you to be the godfather for my daughter.’

Stone complimented the repressive Putin: “You are a peacemaker.” The director didn’t exactly grill the Russian either, wondering, “It is your fourth term, are you getting tired?”  This love for Putin is nothing new. In 2014, he spun the brutal leader as misunderstood. 

In 2017, Stone talked to CBS This Morning about another Putin interview. After then-co-host Norah O’Donell skeptically reminded, “You sort of act as if you take what he says as fact,” Stone credulously responded, “Well, I’m interviewing him. Why should he lie?” 

In 2014, the liberal filmmaker posted a lengthy rant to Facebook in which he claimed CIA involvement in Ukraine. This is probably not surprising, considering that he has previously accused the agency of being involved with all number of conspiracies, including President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 

It’s not just Putin that Stone loves. As the MRC’s Brent Baker noted in 2017, he praised Mikhail Gorbachev — not Ronald Reagan — for ending the Cold War, calling the communist “the true democrat”: 


As far as Reagan’s much-vaunted role in winning the Cold War, the lion’s share of credit goes to Mikhail Gorbachev — a true visionary and, it turns out, the real democrat. If Reagan had entered into the sincere partnership offered by Gorbachev, as Roosevelt did with Stalin in World War II, the world would have been transformed. But Ronald Reagan, at the least, let the chance to rid the world of nuclear weapons slip through his fingers, because he wouldn’t let go of a space fantasy.

Appreciating Gorbachev’s extraordinary effort, a leading Soviet expert on the U.S. warned his American counterparts: ‘We will do the most horrible thing to you. We will leave you without an enemy.’

In 2013, Stone defended the “magnanimous, warm” dictator Hugo Chavez. Some things never change when it comes to his love for commies.   

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