Mitchell Echoes Democrat Guest, Slams ‘Shameful’ Trump Putting Kids in ‘Cages’

As Democratic Senator Dick Durbin appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports Thursday, host Andrea Mitchell displayed the latest example of a liberal journalist slamming the Donald Trump administration for doing something the Barack Obama administration also did as she called it a “shameful policy” for Border Patrol to keep children in “cages,” echoing her liberal guest’s complaints.

The segment began at 12:51 p.m. Eastern with a clip of California Democratic Congresswoman Nanette Diaz-Barragan ranting during DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s appearance in the House of Representatives. Barragan shouted:

Do you know how outrageous that sounds? You wanted to separate children and families, and you wanted to do it with compassion? So, in the meantime, you didn’t do anything at all — you let kids be separated without tracking them. Do you know how outrageous that is, Madame Secretary? You have no feeling — no compassion — no empathy here?

Mitchell recalled:

California Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragan hammering Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday about the controversial Trump policy of separating children at the border. This as NBC News is now reporting that Border Patrol in San Diego kept a watch list of reporters, activists, and lawyers, were monitoring their activity, delaying their access to families, stopping them, holding them at the border in some cases.

She then introduced Senator Durbin and asked for his reaction to both stories.

Durbin declared that “This is one of the most shameful chapters in modern American history” as he misleadingly claimed that some children were “lost” by the Trump administration.

Mitchell then played a clip of Nielsen and Mississippi Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson debating whether the structures where illegal immigrant children are held temporarily should actually be called “cages.”

The MSNBC host then reacted: “When is a cage not a cage? I mean, Senator, as you put it, it is a shameful policy.”

She then switched to another subject for the rest of the segment.

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