NBC Celebrates ‘Fab Five’ of Democratic Women Elected in Colorado

On Monday’s NBC Nightly News, the show devoted a full report to a group of five women — all Democrats — who were recently elected to the Colorado state senate at the same time, helping to hand their party control of the legislative chamber away from Republicans.

Host Lester Holt set up the piece: “Returning home to the wave of women shaking up American politics. In Colorado, one group of female lawmakers and friends has teamed up to make history.”

Correspondent Kristen Dahlgren began by gushing that there was a “major shakeup” in Denver that “may be thanks to some good old-fashioned girlfriends.”

After listing out their names, Dahlgren dubbed them “the fab five,” and added: “Friends first who all became state senators, helping flip the chamber to a first in the nation female-led majority.”

Dahlgren recalled that they stuck together and supported each other as their opponents were “spending millions on negative ads.”

After the NBC correspondent recounted a case of harassment by a fellow lawmaker in the state house of representatives in which one member of the group received support from another, the report concluded with State Senator Tammy Story divulging some of the liberal agenda that they wish to enact:

I think we will have the ability to pass so many more bills that will be helpful to families. Paid family leave has been a bill that’s been unsuccessful at getting through both chambers, and I think we have the abilty now just in that one bill alone that will be so helpful.

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