September 2018’s top 10 Minecraft Marketplace creations: 1.35 million downloads

The Minecraft Marketplace had its biggest month since we began tracking it in September. Fans downloaded 1,351,438 marketplace creations throughout the month. Downloads were up from 373,361 in August and 669,795 in July. That applies to the unified version of Minecraft that runs across mobile, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10.

That huge growth was likely due to a combination of factors. Third-party content creators had some big new releases on the Marketplace, and the MineCon Earth fan event gave away some free downloads. The Minecraft Team will want to carry that momentum forward, and it should have a good chance of doing so with the gift-giving holidays coming up soon.

Microsoft and Mojang have also done a lot of work to engage Minecraft fans. During the MineCon Earth fan gatherings, the companies partnered with Target for local event and to sell new merchandise. This likely also reminded players that they can buy currency cards with cash to make digital Marketplace purchases. It’s impossible to say if that will lead to future months of more than a million downloads. For now, however, the people who make content for the platform are likely just happy to see those kinds of numbers are possible.

Let’s get to the charts.

Top 10 most downloaded

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Here’s the list:

  1. Grid Runners by Noxcrew
  2. Abstraction: Minecon Earth by Jibarbov Productions
  3. City Life by PixelHeads
  4. Millionaire Mansions by Noxcrew
  5. Mineville Highschool by InPVP
  6. Zombie Apocalypse by PixelHeads
  7. Mine Zoo by Cyclone Designs
  8. City Mash-Up by Everbloom Studios
  9. Oakridge High by Aurrora and Syclone Studios
  10. Castle & Dragons by Noxcrew

Top 10 highest grossing

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  1. City Life by PixelHeads
  2. Millionaire Mansions by Noxcrew
  3. City Mash-Up by Everbloom Studios
  4. Zombie Apocalypse by PixelHeads
  5. Mine Zoo by Cyclone Designs
  6. Zoo by Shapescape
  7. Extreme Sky Block by Mineplex
  8. Castles & Dragons by Noxcrew
  9. Papercraft Adventure by Jigarbov Productions
  10. Mineville Highschool by InPVP

That’s September. We’ll have the results from October soon.

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