Porsche’s new on-board and wall chargers nearly halve Taycan home charge times

Porsche is delivering significantly faster home charging times to current Taycan owners by rolling out a new onboard charging unit that can be retrofitted into existing EVs for under $2,000. Combined with Porsche’s new AC home charger unit, Porsche owners can replenish their Taycan at speeds nearly twice as fast as their original setup.

The Taycan first arrived as a 2020 model and has sat as the foundation of Porsche’s all-electric lineup. It has since been joined by several variations of the original model, including a Cross and Sport Turismo, as well as the speedy Turbo S.

The current Taycan models have an onboard battery charger located behind the front trunk area, but Porsche has announced a new module that replaces the existing charger and its wiring to deliver home charging speeds that are significantly faster.

Porsche now selling onboard and wall charger upgrades

According to a recent post from its newsroom page, Porsche’s new onboard charging module is available to Taycan owners for $1,850 and can be implemented by one of the automaker’s service centers with about 12 hours of labor.

Porsche says the onboard charger cuts 0-100% 19.2 kW charging times to 4.8 hours for Performance Battery equipped Taycans, compared to 9.5 hours with the previous charger. EVs equipped with Performance Battery Plus will be able to charge 0-100% in 5.3 hours compared to 10.5 hours with the old onboard charger.

The new charger does not change the performance of the EV at all, aside from faster charging, but adds a little to the vehicle’s overall weight due to heavier-duty cables. The upgrade also adds Plug and Charge capabilities to 2020 model year Taycans, which previously wasn’t available.

To complement its new onboard charger, Porsche has introduced a new 19.2 kW home wall charging unit as well (seen above). That retails for $1,586 and is adjustable for direct connection with lower-capacity circuits. That being said, it does need to be directly connected to a 100-amp circuit to properly function.

New and prospective Taycan owners can choose the faster onboard charger upgrade in the Porsche configurator.