WCN Co-founder Charles Knowles Featured in Marin Magazine

Charles Knowles, President and Co-founder of the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN), was recently featured in a list of “eco-warriors” who are making a huge environmental impact in the nonprofit world. This list was created by Marin Magazine, a branch of Make It Better Media, and includes women and men who dedicate their lives and their work to creating a world with cleaner, more secure natural spaces for wildlife and people.

Charles Knowles

In 2002, Charles partnered with Akiko Yamazaki and John Lukas to co-found WCN, combining their passions for philanthropy and conservation in an innovative model that protects endangered species and the rapid decline of wildlife around the world. By connecting effective field conservationists directly with ardent wildlife supporters, this trio knew that WCN would be a game changing organization capable of getting conservationists the resources they need to protect wildlife. From hopeful beginnings to record-breaking heights, Charles has guided WCN’s mission and growth for the last twenty years along with Akiko, John, their Board of Directors, and a passionate WCN staff. In two decades, WCN has raised and distributed over $200 million to conservationists who are restoring landscapes and safeguarding wildlife.

Charles working on the fly while visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo years ago.

We at WCN continue to be grateful for Charlie’s dedication and the many years he has led our efforts to secure a safer, brighter future for wildlife and the communities that live alongside them.

You can read see the full list of eco-warriors here.

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