Washington Post: The Penguin Protector

The Washington Post recently featured a detailed story on one of our Conservation Partners, Global Penguin Society (GPS). For over 30 years, Dr. Pablo García Borboroglu, Founder and President of GPS, has worked to protect penguins and their ocean habitat around the world. This article provides a fantastic overview of the progress he and GPS have made to build safer spaces for Earth’s penguins.

King penguins

GPS is the first international organization dedicated to safeguarding all penguin species, and its tremendous success over the years is due to Dr. Borboroglu’s mission to tackle penguin conservation from every angle—direct field work and research, advocacy with local governments, education and outreach, and pollution cleanup. From the creation of new protected areas to groundbreaking penguin behavioral studies to children’s classes, GPS is teaching the world how remarkable penguins are and encouraging future generations to support the fight to protect them.

Dr. Pablo García Borboroglu

Read the full Washington Post article here for more information about the work GPS is doing for penguin conservation.

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