Closer look: A single piece of aluminum makes up SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle frame

When SONDORS first unveiled its 80 mph (130 km/h) electric motorcycle known as the Metacycle, the unique design was seriously eye-catching. Now, we’re getting an up-close look at just what goes into that innovative frame.

Unlike trellis frames that are still common on many electric motorcycles such as Zero’s flagship SR/F and SR/S bikes, the 14.5 kW (19 hp) SONDORS Metacycle uses a cast aluminum frame.

That results in a single weld-free unit that SONDORS refers to as its “exo-frame.”

The company claims that the process is one-of-a-kind and unique to its bike, explaining:

“Our weld-free, single piece casting process is entirely unique to SONDORS, (in other words, it calls for serious bragging rights). The frame’s ingenious simplicity provides added strength for a safer, more comfortable ride, while enhancing the impeccably seamless, head-turning design.”

Check out the frame in fully exposed view below.

The frame features two main cavities, with the lower one housing the 4 kWh battery and the upper one remaining open in the standard form of the bike.

In case you’re wondering why SONDORS left a giant hole in the top of the frame, they’ve got an answer for that. As the company explained in an interview with Electrek, there will be three optional accessories designed to mount inside that frame cavity.

The first is a storage box that will add some much-needed cargo space to the bike. We haven’t seen any prototypes yet, so it is unclear how this would look, but a locking box is likely.

The second option will be an auxiliary battery. Again, we haven’t seen this yet, but the company says it will be around 3 kWh of capacity, thus adding another 75% of battery capacity to the bike. SONDORS claims a maximum city range of 80 miles (130 km) under ideal conditions, with a real-world range test showing slightly less range in mixed riding. An extra 75% more range will likely be an interesting upgrade for many riders hoping to venture a bit further out of the city.

The third option will be a Level 2 charger, which will likely serve as nearly a fast charger for a bike with a modest battery like this one. The standard version of the Metacycle will feature a simple Level 1 charger that resides off the bike and plugs into a wall outlet. Charging the Metacycle will be functionally identical to charging a laptop, just with a larger charger brick.

A Level 2 charger would allow the Metacycle to charge at public charging stations, offering riders the ability to charge much quicker on the go or while they shop.

The main battery of the Metacycle is also removable, meaning that riders who charge at home can simply carry the battery (all 45 lb or 20 kg of it) into their home or apartment to charge remotely. We recently got an up-close look at how that would work.

At just $5,000, the Metacycle is likely to be one of the most affordable light electric motorcycles available in the US. The company has completed reservations for Q3 2021 deliveries and is now taking $100 deposits towards Q1 2022 deliveries.

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