Roll With Us on World Pangolin Day

This Saturday is World Pangolin Day, when the world comes together to celebrate and help save the world’s most trafficked mammal. Pangolins are incredible creatures that urgently need our help to survive, and you can make a huge difference for them on this day.

The Wildlife Conservation Network and Save Pangolins launched the Pangolin Crisis Fund (PCF) in May 2019 with one goal: to eliminate the demand, trafficking, and poaching crisis that puts all eight species of pangolins at risk of extinction. This World Pangolin Day, we are launching the #RollWithUs campaign to raise awareness and funding for this little known animal. Most people have never seen a pangolin before, so we want to encourage people to learn more about them and why they are so threatened. And just as pangolins roll into balls as a defensive measure, our #RollWithUs campaign aims to help defend them from the many dangers they face.

To kick off this campaign, check out this video featuring conservation champion and pangolin advocate, Dr. Jane Goodall. You can view her inspirational message below:

Help us save pangolins on their big day by donating to the conservationists working tirelessly to protect them. The PCF maintains the same 100% model as WCN’s other Crisis and Recovery Funds—every cent of every dollar donated goes directly to pangolin conservation, with zero administrative or overhead fees taken.

Please share this post on social media to gather more attention for this shy, adorable, and totally unique animal. #RollWithUs today and spread the word about pangolins!

Roll With Us This World Pangolin Day

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