The Business Application nominees for the Transform AI Innovation Awards

To cap off our AI-focused Transform 2019 event, taking place July 10-11 in San Francisco, VentureBeat will recognize and award emergent, compelling, and influential work in AI through the inaugural AI Innovation Awards. We take pride in shining a light on innovation through that coverage, but these awards, presented by Ople, give us a chance to do so in a new way. This is the first of a series of articles highlighting the nominees is each of our five award categories: NLP/NLU, Business Application, Computer Vision, AI for Good, and Startup Spotlight.

The field of AI is full of new ideas and compelling research, at an increasingly blistering pace, but the practical applications of AI matter to people right now, whether that’s RPA to reduce human toil, or streamlined processes, or more intelligent software and services, or other solutions to real-world work and life problems. Real companies are trying to develop and implement AI right now, and they need solutions that solve business problems today, not in five years.

Bossa Nova

It’s a funny name for an AI company, but Bossa Nova‘s robots have danced their way into retail stores — as workers, not as products. They roam store aisles and use computer vision and facial recognition software, with RGB photos and point clouds, to perform inventory management. The boxy robots are already deployed in dozens of Walmart stores, and by last year, they had traversed some 7,000 miles, 0.4 MPH at a time. They can save tremendous amounts of human work hours and save retailers lots of money.

AI is hard, but AI on the edge is even harder because of the many inherent constraints. Some devices enjoy powerful onboard chips, but there are throngs of edge devices where practical considerations and physical constraints simply don’t allow for more than a sensor or two. has approached solving this challenge by focusing on signal/sensor data. The company’s offerings include pre-built frameworks, capabilities built on commodity-level hardware, cloud-based software, and even data services to provide real-world solutions for businesses.

Red Points

Anyone who creates intellectual property (IP) knows how difficult it can be to track if it’s stolen or copied, and recompense is even harder to come by. With the specter of global losses from pirating and infringement reaching a reported $4.2 trillion by 2022, Red Points attacked the problem with AI. The Barcelona-based company already has hundreds of brands on its platform that are leveraging its computer vision algorithms and ML models to flag violations and then kick off the enforcement process.

Amenity Analytics

Amenity Analytics was created on the premise that information Fortune 100 companies need to make crucial decisions is already out there; they just need a way to sort through oceans of unstructured data to find it and develop key insights from it. The company uses NLP and pulls from all manner of sources, from regulatory findings to social media posts. Amenity Analytics offers both an off the shelf Amenity Viewer product and custom solutions, including analytics and API services.

The Transform AI Innovation award ceremony will be held on the evening of July 11 to cap off Transform 2019.

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