Politico implies Harris Speaks with Fork Tongue

Reporter Quint, Politico attacks Harris by inferring she is speaking with fork tongue, saying one thing but meaning  another. Last night, One of the moderators, Lester Holt from NBC asked the question ” Who would abolish THEIR private insurance in favor of a government plan? Harris and Sanders put up their hands, the other eight did not. Which is interesting since all except one are on a government health insurance plan.  Quint titles his piece in Politico “Harris forced to clean up her health insurance stance-Again.”

Quints article implies that Harris is backtracking but in fact she heard the question correctly and the moderator is the one who messed up. Holt  asked an indirect question on an issue that required a direct answer. The direct question should have been ” would you abolish private insurance? So instead of correcting Lester Holt, they attack Harris.


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