Battlewake’s pirates are sailing to Oculus Quest and PSVR

Hopefully you enjoyed UploadVR’s look at Survios’ latest game, Battlewake, in our E3 VR Showcase this week. If you were hoping to play the game on other headsets beside the Oculus Rift and , we have good news; it’s coming to Quest and PSVR, too.

The latter version was confirmed on Kinda Funny’s E3 Showcase earlier this week. But a Survios representative also told us the game would be sailing its way onto Oculus Quest too. In fact, if you head to the official website to sign up for the upcoming beta, you can now choose PSVR and Quest versions. It doesn’t get any more official than that. The game’s also coming to Oculus Rift and SteamVR (so Vive and Index).

Battlewake offers first-person pirate ship combat in VR. Players become one of four pirate lords and commandeer ships fitted with a range of different weapons. Both single and multiplayer game modes are included.

We quite liked what we played of the game at GDC. “The secret to what makes Battlewake feel so grand despite forcing you to stand in one spot the entire time is the amount of control you’ve got in your hands,” we wrote. “The sides and rear of the ship have totally different weapons that can be modified and upgraded over time and each captain has different special powers (like summoning a kraken or summoning a maelstrom on the water) to really drop some heavy damage.”

For Survios, this is the third title we know the developer is releasing on Quest. The developer’s boxing battler, Creed: Rise to Glory, hit the platform at launch last month. Meanwhile, dance music maker Electronauts arrived just a week ago. No word yet on if other titles like Raw Data and Sprint Vector will appear on the platform.

As for the full game? That’s due later in 2019. Survios is also working on a Walking Dead VR title that’s due out this year too.

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