Bill Maher: GOP Has Become the ‘A**hole Dad Party,’ Trump ‘Useless Piece of Crap’

On Friday’s Real Time on HBO, during the show’s closing commentary, host Bill Maher derided the Republican party as the “a**hole dad party” that, under President Donald Trump, acts irresponsibly and does not care about the future on issues like climate change.

Maher began by arguing that one could historically think of the two major parties as being like the “daddy party” and the “mommy party” in which Republicans were more concerned with security and finances, while Democrats focused on taking care of people.

He then complained that, under President Trump, Republicans have become the “a**hole dad party” while Democrats are more like the “single mother party.” Here’s Maher:

We have to come to terms with the reality that the reality that the “daddy party” is the “a**hole dad party” now, and the patriarch of it all is a hot mess. And you know what happens when Daddy is a useless piece of crap, right? Mom has to take over. And that’s why Democrats — they’re no longer the “mommy party” — they’re the “single mother party.”

 After audience applause, he added:

They’re the party that has to work two jobs because Daddy went out for cigarettes and never came back. The “single mother party” now is the only one that cares about the kids’ future. Republicans — they’re the party of the Koch brothers — pollute all you want now because tomorrow, not our problem. We’ll be gone.

After playing a clip of President Trump praising Prince Charles for caring about “the future,” Maher mocked the President and suggested he was surprised that Prince Charles cares about the future: “What a weirdo, huh? Caring about the future?”

He then read a quote of Attorney General Bill Barr commenting that he was unconcerned about his legacy because he would be dead soon. Maher then took aim at former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has worked as an attorney for President Trump. Maher: “Rudy Giuliani said the same thing — ‘I don’t care about my legacy — I’ll be dead.’ Which is shocking — I thought he was dead.”

After audience laughter, the HBO host concluded: “So happy Father’s Day, but keep in mind, if Republicans made a commercial for life insurance, it would go this way: ‘You love your family, but what if you were’t there to take care of them? Oh, well, shit happens.'”

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