VIDEO: Every Time Hollywood Fantasized About Trump – Russia Collusion on TV

Not only has the Mueller Investigation consumed the news media the last two years, its reach has also extended into entertainment television. Up until Friday, Hollywood celebrities were professing their love for Robert Mueller, so sure were they that the special prosecutor would find the evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians that would finally get him impeached.

While patiently waiting for this promised evidence to materialize, several shows made reference to the Trump-Russia collusion as if it were fact and fantasized about the president getting caught red-handed. Hollywood bought the lie that Trump was guilty hook, line, and sinker, as this video mashup of shows running with the collusion story since the election proves.

Jane the Virgin on The CW brought “Russian interference” up in relation to an election for room mom in her son’s class and Family Guy had Vladimir Putin casually show Peter Griffin where the Russians rig American elections. The Good Fight on CBS All-Access did a Schoolhouse Rock-type musical number about all the reasons Trump should be impeached, including “Russian puppetry.”

Stephen Colbert’s obnoxious Showtime show Our Cartoon President, a cartoon dedicated to lambasting the president, his family, and administration obviously provided the most material, showing Trump as Putin’s lapdog and Don Jr. celebrating “Russian Collusion Day.” Colbert has been a dedicated Russia collusion truther, along with attacking Trump in the most vile way, on his Late Show.

On Murphy Brown, “President Trump” called into the show’s version of Fox News to bemoan the Russia investigation and Avery mockingly asked to hear more about how it’s a “witch hunt.” Well, now that the Mueller Report is out, the joke’s on him!

Obviously, Hollywood had the most fun with the debunked Steele Dossier that included lewd allegations of supposed blackmail material Putin had on Trump. The favorite story involved a so-called “pee pee tape.”

TV Land’s Younger and ABC’s Scandal both dropped quick references to Russian hookers and golden showers. One of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters had fun asking Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he thought Trump might have had a golden shower. Our Cartoon President had the president watching the pee tape with Putin and offering him all of Ukraine. On Murphy Brown, Murphy (Candace Bergen) told her son Avery that she got her hands on the tape to throw him off the scent on another story she was working on. Meanwhile, the law firm on The Good Fight got their hands on a thumb drive with the video and watched it on a laptop emanating a golden glow. Madam Secretary fantasized about Hillary holding Russian leakers accountable.

Not included in the video but also of note, Chuck Lorre had a vanity card at the end of The Big Bang Theory that reads like a screenplay, mocking the idea that Trump turned down a chance to collude with Russia. Homeland’s final season on Showtime had a storyline about fake news and Russian election interference. On The X-Files, Scully and Mulder were attacked by a private security contractor headquartered in Moscow that was granted ascendancy over the FBI under a classified security directive from … the Executive Branch!

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