John Legend: ‘Moron,’ ‘A******’ Trump Is ‘Not a Good Human Being’

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central, liberal singer John Legend excoriated President Donald Trump, calling him a “complete moron” and an a******, as he gushed over recently getting to spend time with former President Barack Obama, lauding his “worldliness” and “intelligence.”

After the two discussed Legend recently having dinner with Obama, Noah followed up by asking: “Is it a little weird sitting with Barack Obama and then, like, hearing Trump give a speech the next day?”

Legend began his response: “Honestly, it is really jarring, the juxtaposition.”

After audience members started laughing, he continued: “I’m not making a joke, honestly. Just listening to Obama talk and then listening to Trump and just the level of nuance that Obama is capable of, and just his worldliness and intelligence about life and his good character. It’s actually really jarring.”

As Noah started laughing, Legend added: “I’m not trying to be funny. It’s like we have a complete moron and a***** in the White House right now and –”

After pausing for more audience laughter, he concluded: “And he’s like — he’s not a good human being. And so when you’re with someone that actually is a really good human being, it’s a very jarring juxtaposition.”

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