MSNBC Hosts Fret Over New UN Ambassador Nominee’s Neutrality on Climate

On Sunday, two MSNBC hosts fretted over U.N. ambassador nominee Kelly Knight Craft’s views on global warming as host Alex Witt invited Virginia Democratic Congressman Don Beyer to bash her on the subject, and, later in the day, Kasie D.C. host Kasie Hunt also gave attention to and seemed befuddled by her views.

 A little past 1:30 p.m., MSNBC Live host Witt gave Beyer an unchallenged forum as the segment began with a discussion of the House Democratic majority’s efforts to acquire President Donald Trump’s tax returns. The MSNBC host then moved to the issue of some taxpayers complaining about not receiving tax refunds as large as in previous years.

As Witt referred to taxpayers “feeling the squeeze” because of the tax cuts, it was not mentioned that in many cases refunds were lower because the government was witholding less taxes to begin with. After Beyer complained about the Republican tax cuts, zeroing in on those who are no longer able to deduct state and local taxes, Witt voiced agreement with his negative spin: “Yeah, that’s a sentiment we’re hearing all over the place.”

Witt then brought up Craft and played a clip of her stating that “both sides” of the climare change debate “have their results,” and that “I appreciate and respect both sides of the science.” The MSNBC host then fretted: “Look, she’s definitely practicing the art of diplomacy right there, but her husband is a billionaire coal magnate. They are major GOP donors. What are the risks in your mind of having her represent the United States in the United Nations?”

Later in the day, near the end of the Kasie D.C. show, Hunt informed viewers:

The Washington Post reports the White House is preparing to assemble what the paper calls, quote, an “ad hoc group of select federal scientists” to reassess the government’s analysis of climate change and counter conclusions that the burning of fossil fuels is harming the planet.

She added, “Huh?”

Hunt then continued: “The President’s own administration released a report last fall warning the damage caused by climate change could knock a whopping 10 percent off the size of the U.S. economy by the end of the century.”

After noting that the President was reportedly frustrated at the last report, Hunt shifted to Craft’s views as she added: “That reporting followed President Trump’s decision to nominate Kelly Knight Craft to be U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Craft, who currently serves as ambassador to Canada, made headlines in 2017 for saying this about climate change.”

Then came a clip of Craft: “I think that both sides have their own results from their studies, and I appreciate and I respect both sides of the science.”

With a confused look on her face, Hunt reacted: “Is that how science works? To be continued.”

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