ABC Touts Woman With Gun Scaring Away Three Burglars

On Saturday’s Good Morning America, ABC anchors did something you don’t often see in the dominant liberal media. They cheered on an armed citizen taking on a group of criminals and scaring them off that was caught on video.

At 7:20 a.m. Eastern, fill-in co-host Eva Pilgrim set up the video:

Well, some thieves in Colorado didn’t know what they were in for when they decided to try and rob a house in Pueblo. Surveillance video shows the three armed men entering the home, one of them checking out the refrigerator. Then, they notice a woman at the front door.

After playing a clip of the woman recalling that she ran back across the street to her home, came back, and announced that she was had a gun, co-anchor Pilgrim added: “Oh, yeah, she ran right in. The home owner’s brave mother-in-law scaring the robbers away.”

As the group of anchors mused over how calm she appeared in the video walking around the house with her gun, news reader Adrienne Bankert injected: “She was ready — she was definitely ready. Yeah, well, I’m impressed that she got there before the police did because he called the police and he called his mother-in-law. So thank you, Mama!”

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