Google Partners with Lefty Media like NY Times, WaPo for News Assistant

Want your liberal bias on the go? Then Google has just the thing for you.

Google Assistant is planning on offering a “radio-style on demand news” and it’s teaming up with liberal news outlets to do it. Audio news from Google’s new media partners will be streamed to Google Assistant users. These partners include NBC, The New York Times, Billboard, The Washington Post, and Associated Press. According to a blog announcement from Google on December 6, the new service will be like a Netflix stream of news.

According to product manager Liz Gannes, the product will “start with a briefing of top stories and updates on topics you care about.” She then further explained, “This new experience will bring you an audio news playlist assembled in that moment, for you.” The obvious question is  if this will be similar to Google search, which pushed liberal news in the top five search suggestions, according to one study.

Another study, conducted by AllSides, determined that Google News was biased in favor of the left, with the scale leaning 4 to 1. In an exclusive Media Research Center poll, more than 67 percent of conservatives believed that Google Search was biased in favor of the left.

In early January of 2018, Google treated six conservative media sites as “fake news,” labelling stories from the sites as “false” or “mostly false” using liberal fact-checking sites like Snopes.

Even The Washington Post once admitted: The Post and the New York Times are read more by liberals than conservatives. And NBC, home to MSNBC and enabler of plenty of liberal bias in the news media, is also one of Google Assistant’s partners.

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