Liberal Media: Facebook Isn’t ‘Liberal,’ Should Be ‘Dissolved’

If a social media platform starts working with conservatives, the liberal media will wage war against them.

Facebook was the subject of a critical piece on Wednesday, November 14, from the New York Times. The Times accused Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, and Mark Zuckerberg of participating in racist rhetoric by allowing President Trump to put ads on the platform. The piece also slammed conservative Facebook executive Joel Kaplan repeatedly. On Twitter, liberal media analysts and writers responded by calling for Joel Kaplan to be fired and Facebook to be dissolved.

Color of Change, a Soros-funded operation that had been working with Facebook, tweeted out, “Facebook’s response to us challenging them 2 create safe conditions 4 Black ppl & marginalized groups on their platform? Fanning the flames of anti-Semitism resulting in a pipe bomb on George Soros’ doorstep & campaigning against us using alt right media…Facebook must make amends: Fire Joel Kaplan for his role in this scheme & the PR firms you worked w/to delegitimize us & our partners. Release all of the opposition research compiled on us & our allies so we understand the full extent you went to undermine civil rights work.”

Tech reporters and editors rose up in arms against both conservatives and Facebook. New York Times editor Sarah Jeong wrote, “The never-ending conservative tantrum over “bias” on platforms is a paranoid fantasy birthed by right-pandering clickbait that has justified the withholding of factual findings on Russian misinformation campaigns.” NYT writer Zeynep Tufekci tweeted, “That whole NYT story on Facebook is one of a giant corporation throwing its weight around to get its way—just like other giant corporations. Not only is it not liberal, though, it’s not even smart in its responses—getting played easily by deliberate conservative flak.

Huffington Post’s Ashley Feinberg wanted Facebook to disappear. She tweeted, “hard to think of any single action that would be better for the health of our democracy than just dissolving facebook entirely.”

Washington Post tech reporter Hamza Shaban slammed Kaplan even more, tweeting, “NYT: Over and over, Facebook made key decisions with huge implications for the country and the world because their public policy exec was afraid the alternative would trigger conservative backlash. (Former Bush official, same guy who sat behind Kavanaugh).”

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