Pro-Life Website Threatened By Web Provider for ‘Hate’ Speech

Pro-life media is under attack by another tech company.

LifeSiteNews, a pro-life news outlet, has been attacked by left-wing activists so much that its web-hosting company is threatening to take it down. On October 27, the website announced that its company told the site that it was “implementing their ‘SUSPENSION OF SERVICES’ clause and giving [the site] 12 hours notice to move their website operations off of our servers.”

The web-host provider told LifeSiteNews that one of the reasons for the suspension was complaints made from a person named Adam Flanders. LifeSiteNews called Flanders a “homosexual activist” who it alleged was convicted of sex abuse.

Flanders sued a group called MassResistance in 2012 for defamation, only to have his lawsuit dismissed. In the same year, Flanders took action against a group called Roadkill Radio News, which led Vimeo to drop the group’s videos. Vimeo was accused of a breach of contract by a lawyer and restored the videos shortly after.  

In the blog post, LifeSiteNews wrote that it had “received absolutely no forewarning whatsoever about this decision.” By having its web-hosting taken down, the company would be negating more than 20 years of pro-life journalism that has been established. LifeSiteNews wrote that the site is looking at legal action to take against both Flanders and its web-hosting company.

The outlet is also seeking to move to another web-hosting company.

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