40 Days and Counting

40 days and counting and then it will be legal to light up a joint and not worry about being busted. Back in the day, and not so far away in time, one could do some serious time for what is called possession. No matter the risk, it seems that the persistent reality that has finally been accepted at large is that Americans like smoking pot. And oh yes, there are some medicinal benefits to be had. The sad part about this story is that so many good people were taken down through jail hell. The hell was real especially when pot possession was a real felony.

What we are seeing here, finally, is a repudiation of just say no to drugs campaign. One of the stupidest and malicious legal campaigns mounted by the establishment. Announced by Ronald and Nancy Reagan the campaign motto-zero tolerance for drug usage. Thousands or maybe millions paying with their life’s time for smoking a weed. A fun weed-yes, but a weed nevertheless. Drug Czars were ” chosen” in a great hoo-ha. The choosing was the talk of the press and the focus of the Sunday News show. No Drug Czars today. It is also a fact that the legalization of marijuana in California is a validation of the approach taken by Californians in voting in Medical Marijuana back in 1996.

No drug czars but the regulatory regime that will be implemented promised to do its best to make up for that fact. The legislature decided to do all the regulatory work upfront rather than setting strong guidelines.  Journalist Hayley Fox does a nice job of communicating the overlapping layers and challenges that the regulatory scheme will face.

The businesses are concerned but the people are looking forward to it.


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